How to mount the Screenings Bagging System

How to mount the Screenings Bagging System

DRYCAKE partners with PAXXO for the screenings- and grit bagging system bags Longopac.

How to mount a bagging system:

The outlet chute of the equipment may be round or rectangular. Ensure mounting plate fits.

  1. Drill the holes on the outlet chutes. Match holes to mounting plate fixing lips.
  2. Mount bag cassette onto Bag Holder. Take care to that cassette stays together as you remove it from the box and mount it.
  3. Mount bag holder with bag to the mounting plate.
  4. Fix to mounting plate using provided hardware; clips, screws, or bolt.
Watch the installation of the Longpopac bagging system in this video:

Tip for ordering; Ensure to order the mounting plate to fits the external outlet dimensions, and in case of weatherized or double walled chutes, also provide the outlet chute inner diameter so that  the mounting plate hole can match.
Mounting plate is made of steel.
Bag holder is made of Plastic
Bags are made of 3-layer polyethylene.
Bags are made in Sweden.

Box Shipping: 12lbs 9"x15"x5.5"h
Bag (90m) is folded into a cassette for boxing. Do not cut box open or it will cut the bag.
Bagging system mounted on a Vertical Screen

boxed bag cassette