Perfobask: How much washwater pressure is required for cleaning the screening basket

Perfobask: How much washwater pressure is required for cleaning the screening basket

The Perfobask has three washing systems.

1. Basket Washing: This system is standard and automatic running with the screw:
  1. To clean the screenings.
  2. Reduce wear on brushes by having them run dry against the basket
  3. This system is automatic with each start of screw and
  4. This system requires 16GPM @ 60PSI of reuse 
If the flow of washwater at the required pressure is insufficient. It will result in
  1. Dirtier screenings 
  2. Increased wear of brush
If this happens on site. This can be resolved in two ways
  1. Booster Washwater pump (Preferred, but not necessary)
  2. Closing one nozzle out of two .
2. Transport Washing: This system is to further clean the screenings and is not usually installed. 
3. Compaction Zone: This system can be manual or automatic and just ensures the compaction zone area is clean. 
  1. Automatic mode runs once a day for 8 seconds
  2. Manual Mode can be done once a day as well using a manual valve or by opening up inspection door and using a hose.
The system can be automatic A Manual Valve must be installed prior to the solenoid to ensure that the pressure is not too high
If dealing with a site with low water pressure. A manual system is recommended to push the operators to inspect the compaction zone regularly.

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